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Five Reasons to Choose ESMS

We hope you are enjoying your Virtual Tour. We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a difficult decision. We wanted to share just five of the many reasons why we believe ESMS could be the right school for your child. 

1.    The advantages of the Diamond Model

ESMS is the only school in Scotland to offer a Diamond Model. Pupils are taught together in the Junior School to help them develop positive relationships with the opposite sex. As they approach their teenage years, they are then separated to allow us to tailor our teaching styles to suit the different needs of girls and boys. The pupils join together regularly through our shared House system and extensive programme of co-educational activities such as trips, concerts, bands, orchestras and performing arts. Our co-educational Sixth Form brings pupils together again to prepare them for University and the wider world.

 Read more on the diamond model here.

2.    A special place to learn 

Our unrivalled programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities gives pupils the opportunity to discover and develop their talents. We expect our pupils to achieve the highest standards in the classroom, however, we believe experiences outside the classroom are every bit as important.

There are over 160 extra-curricular activities to choose from across the Senior Schools and over 100 separate clubs available for children from Primary 4 to Primary 7. Clubs include Robotics, Lego, Allotment Club, Film Making, Stage Lighting, Conservation, Costumes and everything in between. This breadth of choice extends to the classroom too with a vast number of subject choices available to our pupils.

Together these opportunities help to develop the whole child and give pupils the opportunity to discover what they love and meet kindred spirits who share the same passions.

3.    Developing new skills through outdoor learning

At ESMS outdoor learning is an important part of school life.  It gives children the skills and confidence they need to face unfamiliar situations, assess risk and make good decisions.

Our outdoor learning programme begins in the Nursery because we believe it is vital to children’s early development. Our Forest Kindergarten and Forest School are run by a qualified member of staff who also runs training programmes for teachers, across Scotland. Children also take part in our JASS Awards scheme, (the Junior equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh Award) and go on residential camps from Primary 4.

While the children are busy having fun and problem solving, they are also improving their physical health and mental wellbeing and developing essential life skills.

An outstanding school; happy pupils, happy staff –  focused on self-development  with impressive results.

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4.    A rounded education underpinned by strong values

We are passionate about giving our pupils a rounded education. We offer a wide curriculum and an unrivalled range of extra-curricular and outdoor learning activities.  The school culture encourages children to get involved in every aspect of school life and have a go at every opportunity life throws at them. This inspires pupils to challenge themselves, discover what they are capable of and excel in ways they never thought possible.

We know that children learn best when they are happy and we are proud to offer a sector-leading approach to pastoral care. We take time to build strong relationships and to make our children feel happy, safe and secure, so that they thrive emotionally, socially and achieve academic excellence.

Everything we do at ESMS, is underpinned by our nine school values. The nine values – kindness, respect, commitment, enthusiasm, responsibility, grace, appreciation, confidence and integrity – are recognised and followed by all members of the school community, creating a happy and positive environment.

The world our children will enter as adults is constantly changing but the rounded education we provide will equip them with the skills and resilience they need to take these changes in their stride.

5.    A pioneering approach 

Our schools have a long history and offer a traditional curriculum but our staff are innovators and our teaching approach is sector leading. That’s why you will find Promethean interactive boards in every classroom along with the opportunity to experience virtual reality from the very youngest years in Junior School. This brings learning to life and helps pupils who thrive on different teaching approaches. Coding is taught from Nursery using simple coding caterpillars to bring the experience to life and make it fun and exciting. 

We were early adopters in the world of outdoor learning, believing in the benefits of it since the 1960’s and we continue to be trailblazers in this area, offering one of the most extensive outdoor education learning in Scotland. 

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