The ESMS Model

What is the ESMS Model? 

The ESMS model combines the academic benefits of single-sex education with the social advantages of co-education, giving children the best of both worlds.

At ESMS children are taught together in the Junior School to help them develop positive relationships with the opposite sex. As they approach their teenage years, they are then separated to allow us to tailor our teaching to suit the different learning styles of girls and boys. Pupils are then brought back together again for their final year to prepare for life after school.  

Our wide programme of co-educational activities, including bands, orchestras, clubs, drama, House activities and outdoor learning residentials ensures that friendships between girls and boys remain strong throughout their time at School. 

Why Choose This Model?

There are a number of subtle differences in the preferred learning styles and support needs of boys and girls. For example, boys typically have shorter attention spans and benefit from practical teaching methods. Girls typically have longer attention spans but often lack confidence in their own abilities, particularly in STEM subjects. These differences can have a direct impact on educational outcomes. At ESMS we are able to tailor our teaching styles to give every pupil the opportunity to excel.  

The school is also unaffected by traditional gender stereotypes which means more girls choosing STEM subjects and more boys taking up creative subjects and getting involved in the performing arts.

The ESMS model is particularly appealing to parents with sons and daughters because their children can be taught in a way that best suits their gender while ensuring they share the same core ESMS values.


The extended ESMS family is all encompassing and we are exceptionally proud to be part of it.

Parent, ESMS Junior School