Our private coach transport offers a safe, direct, stress-free way to get your child to and from school.  

The cost of using our coach services varies according to distance and costs between £0.96 and £5.05 per journey for regular users. For families with children in Primary 4 and upwards we operate morning and afternoon services on the routes below.

Most families who use the coaches do so every morning and afternoon, while others are more selective depending on family circumstances. We endeavour to accommodate all requests.

Our coaches are operated by excellent local companies who comply with all current legislation. All children are required to keep their seat belt fastened at all times.  All coaches drop children at each of the two school sites by 8.30am. Afternoon coaches leave the school at 4.20pm, picking up children from both sites before commencing their journey. We also offer a pick up service from Haymarket station in the morning and a drop off in the afternoon. Children in the Junior School who travel home on an afternoon coach are supervised by staff after the end of the school day who take responsibility for ensuring that they board the correct coach.

To read more detailed information about our routes and timetables, please find our full Coach Services booklet available here