junior girls relay race

Sport at ESMS

Sport is an integral part of life at ESMS.

We believe that sport should be for every pupil and while we achieve considerable success at a regional and national level our priority is to inspire, in every child, a lifelong passion for sport, that will continue throughout their adult life.

The breadth of our sporting programme enables every child to find a sport they love. The large number of teams we provide means that every child who wants to play a particular sport has the opportunity to be part of a team and play in competitions.

Our team of physical education teachers are highly qualified with many having personal experience of competing at a professional level.  Many of our specialist staff are also involved in national coaching roles. Together they cultivate a growth mindset culture, encouraging pupils to strive to improve and beat their personal best.

Our sporting facilities are extensive comprising excellent rugby and football pitches, cricket squares, summer athletics facilities, a state-of-the-art hockey AstroTurf pitch and well-equipped sports halls. We also have a 25m swimming pool and a strength and conditioning suite.

Our physical education lessons are used to help students develop as good people as well as good sportspeople. They inspire resilience, confidence and maturity and teach children how to respond to victory and defeat. We instil the belief that children can learn from every game and every mistake and this helps them grow as a player and as a person off the pitch.

The School has established a legacy of sporting achievement from nurturing British Lions to Olympic canoeists and we are extremely proud of those who have gone on to achieve such feats. However, we are just as proud of the pupils who continue to play sport long after they have left school. 

Sport at The Mary Erskine School

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Sport at Stewart's Melville College

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