senior play at esms


At the ESMS family of schools we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to education which means that we place as much emphasis on opportunities and activities outside of the classroom as we do on what happens in class.

We offer over 300 clubs and societies as well as wide-ranging opportunities in sport, music and drama, outdoor learning, trips and community involvement, all with the intention of helping your child explore something new, have fun and make new friends.

Our unrivalled programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities gives each child the opportunity to discover their real talents, to develop them to the full and to know how to use them both for their own self-fulfilment and to the benefit of the wider community. We expect our pupils to achieve the highest standards in the classroom, however, we believe experiences outside the classroom are every bit as important to children’s education.

View our video below to get a feel for the opportunities outside of the ordinary available at ESMS

My son is involved in fencing, rugby, swimming, judo, football, he sings in the choir, loves computer club, plays viola and performed his first solo to an audience aged 8. Even more impressively, he isn’t an anomaly.

Pepsi Gaul, ESMS Junior School Parent

Kaleidoscope Dance Show

Every year our Mary Erskine pupils enjoy preparing for their 'Kaleidoscope' dance show which sees girls from across the school, and some Stewart's Melville College boys, perform many different dance styles. The Junior School also perform in Junior School Kaleidoscope.