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We understand that sending your child, or children, to an independent school is a major decision and financial commitment.

We strive hard to keep our fees low, with our fees the lowest of any comparable school in Edinburgh, and try to ensure our education is available to as wide a mix of children as possible. Fee assistance in the form of bursaries is available from Primary 7, whilst scholarships can be awarded to pupils from S1. 

Bursaries are means-tested grants which can be awarded to pupils to help pay tuition fees. Scholarships are non-means tested awards made to children by the school and held in trust for them until they leave school. 


All fees are annual and can be paid either by monthly direct debit or upfront for the full year before the first day of term, in which case a payment discount of 1% will be applied. Childcare Vouchers or the Government backed tax free childcare scheme can be used to offset the cost of e-Plus, our wraparound care service.


Means tested bursaries are available for children from Primary 7 upwards who meet our academic entry criteria and who would otherwise be unable to attend our schools. Bursaries can be awarded for up to 100% of tuition fees and the value of the bursary is determined by the financial need of the applicant. Read more on bursary eligibility and when to apply on our main School website.


Scholarships can be awarded to children entering S1 upwards. They are awarded as a result of a competitive scholarship selection process. Scholarships are not means tested or used to subsidise fees, but rather are awarded and then held in trust for pupils until they complete their sixth year. This creates a sum of money that can then be used to provide benefit in the future, such as contributing towards the costs of higher education.

Financial assistance can also be sought through the Pupils' Fund 

The schools are able to support a number of children through the resources of the Pupils’ Fund which provides grants to help pupils participate in extra-curricular trips and excursions at home or abroad. 


When I found out I had been accepted on a full bursary to The Mary Erskine School I couldn't believe it. I knew it would change my life and I was determined to justify the faith that had been shown in me. I am now studying Applied Medical Sciences at UCL.

Heather Hopton 

MES Leaver and Bursary Recipient

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it is natural to have a lot of questions when choosing a school for your family. You can view some of our most frequently asked questions here.

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